Buvachi Misal Lonavala

Buvachi Misal

Buvachi Misal is one of the most famous Misal places in Maharashtra.

Whether one is travelling to Lonavala by train or road, Buvachi Misal has been an essential stop for every traveler since the last 35 years. Not just tourists, but you will see many celebrities frequently visit this restaurant just for a taste of their Misal. 


It is a family-owned restaurant and right now, their third generation is handling the management of the restaurant. I think this gives a very homey feeling to this place. 

Buvachi Misal


There is a self-service counter and outdoor seating. The area around the restaurant is actually very quiet and pretty. Hot and spicy misal in the lovely Lonavala weather is just incredible.


Misal starts from Rs. 70 and you can choose from a variety of options like cheese or paneer misal. 

You can also decide the spice level of your misal. Misal has a red masala tempering over the curry, the red tempering is the spiciest. If you mix it a little, it becomes medium spicy and if you mix it completely with the curry, you have got the least spicy version. 

Other than that it has sprouts and mashed potatoes in it and a lot of Sev. It is served with Pav. 

Click here for a sneak peek inside the Kitchen of Buvachi Misal.

How to get there

By road- Just 500m from Old Mumbai Pune Highway or NH48

2 hour drive from Pune

2 to 3 hour drive from Mumbai

By train- Get down at Lonavala station and take a rickshaw from there. Takes about 10 to 15 minutes and would cost you between Rs.100-200. 

It might get tough to get a rickshaw right outside Buvachi Misal on your return journey, but you can just walk up to the highway in 5 minutes and get one there.

Must try here

I would absolutely recommend their simple misal which has been an iconic taste since the last 35 years, and kanda bhaji which is always fresh and burning hot!

This place is packed on weekends so you might need to wait for your turn.

If you ever visit Lonavala, this would be an amazing way to start your trip. 

Click here to check out a one day return journey to Lonavala after a lovely breakfast at Buvachi Misal

Want to know about a unique train journey to Lonavala? Read here!

Want this information in hindi? Click here!

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Suvarna Mahal Thali – Rambagh Palace

Suvarna Mahal royal thali

I explored the Pink city of Jaipur and spotted ‘gold’ here! It is the exquisite Suvarna Mahal restaurant where I tried the most expensive thali in Jaipur. The Thali is an unlimited deal full of Indian delicacies like Hasrat-e-husn, Makai Shehzadi, and local Rajasthani varieties like Dal Baati, Laal Maas and so much more. 

It’s not just these dishes that put the ‘Shahee’ in this, even the glamorous ambience of this place adds to that royal feeling. 

The delicacies are served in golden dinnerware and with cutlery designed by Versace, the walls are adorned with silk wallpapers, a 100 meters long Kashmiri Carpet lies beneath. It’s an experience of dining like royalty. 

Thali Price – Rs. 6000 + Taxes

The Thali is divided into 3 parts and one thing that is served on every table is the Papad Platter


  • Hasrat-e-Husn [Paneer tikka]
  • Sabz Hara Kabab [Hara bhara kabab]

Main course Thali

  • Salad
  • Dhungar Paneer [Paneer sabzi]
  • Nizami Sabz Handi [Mix Veg sabzi]
  • Kumbh Mutter [Mutter sabzi]
  • Makai Shehzadi [Palak corn]
  • Dal Suvarna [Dal Makhani ]
  • Raita

The breads served with these veggies were

  • Hare Mutter ka paratha
  • Pudina Paratha
  • Naan

And Khuska (rice preparation) 


  • Malpua Rabdi
  • Shahee Tukda
  • Badam Halwa

Watch the full Suvarna Mahal Thali experience on my Youtube channel.

Previously, this was a dining room where the Maharaja hosted dinner parties, there was just one large table in this room which accommodated 80 people, and each of them had their own butlers. The entire room speaks of its history through the vintage chandeliers, paintings and heirlooms placed around it. 

You can relish the meal at your pace while enjoying the lively music and ambience. The food was very delicious and the service was very impressive. You can order this thali, or you have many other options in Non-vegetarian. You can also order À-la-carte

I would rate this as a once in a lifetime experience.

I also stayed at Rambagh Palace, one of the most expensive hotels in India. Watch that too!

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Gluten Free Pizza in Mumbai

Birdsong Cafe

Gluten free pizza to satisfy your pizza cravings! If you are looking for Vegan restaurants in Mumbai that offer vegan and gluten free pizza options then this is the right spot! Let me show you a different side to Mumbai food. I have tried out and shared in this food vlog, 8 different pizza places in Mumbai that provide gluten free, Vegan, vegetarian pizza in Mumbai. These are restaurants where you can sit and enjoy or you can even order them in home delivery. I have provided links to all restaurants mentioned in the video below.

Gluten free pizza can have different crust options – the most common ones I tried are Amaranth or rajgira flour, Bajra millet flour, Jowar and Oats. Many restaurants also provide an option for vegan cheese while choosing for Gluten free pizza options. I also tried the famous cauliflower crust and honestly that didn’t work for me, however you can try it for yourself to see if you enjoy the flavor and feel of it.

Here are all the places mentioned:

Earth Cafe

EARTH CAFE, BANDRA //bit.ly/3zbJ93e

gluten free pizza

KALA GHODA CAFE //bit.ly/2Tb9Iom

Flower Power Pizza

THE PANTRY, KALA GHODA //bit.ly/3x3Htqw

Village shop


Birdsong Cafe

BIRDSONG CAFE, BANDRA //bit.ly/3x09oaK






SEEDS OF LIFE, BANDRA //bit.ly/3uYqm8d

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Hope you find all these videos helpful. Do let me know if you have any specific video requests. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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Indian Lunch Thali – simple homemade meals

Indian Lunch Thali
Indian Lunch Thali that can fulfill all your cravings!

Yes! Indian Lunch thali recipes you can make and enjoy at home! Let me show you how in the video below!

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The above video shows 7 different Indian Lunch Thali ideas. Simple recipes using basic vegetables that can be easily found. These meals are hearty and delicious.

7 Indian Lunch recipes – these are everyday thali at home recipes, mini versions! Hope you enjoy these thali recipes. For more Indian food ideas do leave me a comment with your requests and suggestions. Hope you enjoy these everyday thali recipes at home. Here are all the dishes I made in this video:

00:00 Indian Lunch Ideas

00:47 Gujarati Dal and rice

03:22 Pumpkin Sabzi

05:15 Baingan Pulao similar to Vaangi Bhaat

07:20 Idli sambhar chutney

09:58 Moong Sabzi

11:02 Sai Bhaji Recipe

12:44 Mix Dal and rice

The above is a simple thali. However, if you want a more elaborate thali, with more variety, then check the video below. I share 7 lunch thalis with a few more items.

An Indian thali at home – well thats possible! A thali meal is essentially for anyone who loves variety. So I thought of sharing with you this everyday thali that you can enjoy at home. These are Indian lunch recipes that are great for anyone. These are beginner friendly and hopefully will help you get that good Indian home food feel 🙂

The video includes:

A vegetable Pulao from leftover veggies

Mutter Paneer subzi

Gujarati Kadhi sweet

Lauki subzi with chana dal with Mustard Rice

Homemade dal makhani

Aloo Paratha

Chhole in tomato gravy

Watch this video in Hindi


If you want breakfast ideas, check this:

If you like the thalis, then check these links!

If you love a good Paneer dish then do check out this post. A delicious Paneer Lababdar recipe and a tip for making your Pav Bhaji even more yummy awaits you.

Hope you find all these videos helpful. Do let me know if you want more recipes. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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READY TO EAT Meals | Instant Dosa, Gulab Jamun Mix & more

Ready to eat meals
Ready to eat meals – I tried Dosa, Gulab Jamun and lots more.

Watch this video where I try different ready to eat meal options. These can be good options for days when you don’t have time to fix a proper meal and want a quick fix.

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Trying out ready to eat meals in this video. Most of these are Indian food items – Dosa, Gulab Jamun, Indian snacks and also a Japan inspired snack option. Here are all the things I tried in the video.

Tata Sampann Fibre Rich Dosa Mix

Kari Kari Snacks

MTR Gulab Jamun Mix

Knorr Thick Tomato Soup

Hajmola Pudina Flavor

Aam Papad

Dreamery Iced Coffee

Do try these and let me know how they worked for you. If you want easy recipes for everyday meals then check the videos below.

And if you want to see more Ready to eat meal options then check the video below. I have tried an MTR upma mix, a ready Mutter Paneer and many more items including a delicious Gulkand. So watch the video below!


Indian Style Pasta

Indian Street Food – DABELI, CHOWMEIN and more

SINDHI Food – Street Food and Lunch Thali

Indian Pizza – Paratha Pizza, Roti Pizza, Bread Pizza, Paneer Makhani Pizza

PANEER Lunch recipe ideas 

ONE POT MEAL Ideas – 7 Options

EVENING Snack Ideas – 7 different options

INDIAN Lunch Thali for everyday – 7 days 7 different thalis

If you love a good Paneer dish then do check out this post. A delicious Paneer Lababdar recipe and a tip for making your Pav Bhaji even more yummy awaits you.

Hope you find all these videos helpful. Do let me know if you want more recipes. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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Beans Paruppu Usili recipe – Delicious and healthy

Beans Paruppu Usili
Beans Paruppu Usili – one of my favorite ways to enjoy French Beans.

Beans Paruppu Usili recipe was shared with my by one of my subscriber and I was so glad I tried it. Watch the full video of this recipe below.

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I am so thankful to Vinaya for sharing this recipe with me and all of us. Her explanation is so clear and helpful. Let me tell you this, Im not very well versed with cooking traditional South Indian recipes but thanks to Vinaya, I was able to enjoy Beans Paruppu Usili at home.

Beans Paruppu Usili

Vinaya also shared a Peanut Mysore Pak recipe and again, thanks to her I was able to make this legendary dessert at home. That recipe is also included in the video above. Or you can read it below.

Gram Flour – 1cup
Peanuts – 1cup
Coconut – 1cup
Sugar – 2cups
Water – 1 1/4cups
Ghee – 2cups
Steps to make the recipe:
Beans Paruppu Usili
1. Roast and grind the peanuts (grind in whipper mode or else it might release oil).
2. Grind the coconuts  into fine grainy powder.
3. Sieve besan powder to avoid  lumps while cooking in ghee.
4. Pour water and add sugar for melting. Wait for one string consistency and then add the besan powder.Mix everything well.
5. Add the peanut powder and shredded coconut and mix up everything well. Keep 2 cups (as mentioned in the ingredients section) of ghee and keep pouring the ghee into the mixture until it becomes thick
6. Make pieces when the mysore pak is little warm, or else it will be difficult to cut it .
Beans Paruppu Usili

I was able to meet Vinaya and try these recipes thanks to #YourSecretRecipe which is a section on my Youtube where I share my subscribers’ recipes. You can check out more of these below:

Paneer Momos Recipe

Buttery Pav Bhaji and Paneer Lababdar Recipe

Creamy Pasta Recipe

Kaju Paneer Makhani Recipe

Want a simple lunch dish? Read this!

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Methi Pulao Recipe – quick and easy | Healthy Recipes

Methi Pulao Recipe
Here’s a Methi Pulao Recipe. Its quick, easy and healthy!

This Methi Pulao recipe uses minimal ingredients. It is something you can have when you need a quick healthy meal. Watch the short video below to understand exactly how to make it in under 10 minutes.

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So here is the Methi Pulao recipe:


Methi (fenugreek)  – washed and chopped

Rice – any will do (white / brown)



Bay Leaf





Heat Ghee in a wide pan

Add the bay leaf, cloves and cinnamon. Saute for a few minutes.

Add the chopped methi leaves and saute them on a low flame for a few minutes. Add salt. That will help to retain the color as well.

Add rice. Saute again and add water and let them cook.

And once thats, done, serve! I love it with some boondi raita on the side or even plain curd. Do let me know what you enjoy this methi pulao with. A simple, yet satisfying dish, this is sure to be added to your weekly lunch / dinner menu. It definitely fits well in mine 🙂

Want to enjoy healthy desserts? Read this!

Do you want to enjoy more healthy recipes? Then check these videos!

Food for Healthy Skin

Indian Food with lots of Veggies

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Protein and Vitamin rich food ideas

Indian Lunch Thalis – 7 days 7 different thali meals

Easy One Pot Meals – healthy and tasty

Evening Snacks that fulfill street food cravings

Hope you enjoy these videos. If you want a few healthy desserts, then check the videos below!

Mango Ice Cream. Try making it with other fruits too!

Easy Fridge Cake with biscuits

Coffee Cake – Eggless!

Peanut Butter Cookies

Healthy Dessert Ideas

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Healthy Dessert Recipes – 5 easy delicious dessert ideas

Healthy dessert recipes
Sharing 5 Healthy Dessert Recipes in the video below, so that you too can indulge guilt free!

Healthy dessert recipes

If you thing desserts can’t be healthy, think again. These healthy dessert recipes use no flour, no heavy cream, little sugar which of course can be replaced. Watch the video below to know all about them.

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These are not just healthy dessert recipes – they are also no bake desserts that can be enjoyed rather conveniently. I do enjoy baking, but sometimes I really don’t feel like getting my hands dirty with flour and other ingredients. So these desserts are perfect for those days.

What makes dessert unhealthy? Apart from obnoxious amount of sugar, desserts can also have maida or all purpose flour, corn flour in some cases or too much dairy which may not be suitable to everyone. Using ingredients like nut butters (almond butter / peanut butter), frozen fruit, cereal, dry fruits etc. we can make our indulgences more reasonable.

So which of these healthy dessert recipes are you trying today 🙂 I’d definitely recommend the Banana Chocolate Nice Cream and the Peanut Butter cups. I’m sure you and / or your kids would enjoy these. And of course these are my favorites too.

Healthy dessert recipes

Healthy dessert recipes

Healthy dessert recipes

Healthy dessert recipes

Want more healthy meals? Check this.

Indian meals can be healthy too. Watch this video to understand the nutrients that one day of home-cooked Indian food can provide.

Here is a video to help you out with quick Instant breakfast ideas so that you don’t skip this important meal.

A simple everyday meal, that can be prepared under 20 minutes. Watch!

I also have a video on 7 different Indian Lunch Thalis. This can be helpful if you find your everyday home cooked food a bit boring (happens to all of us!).

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Street Food Recipes – Dabeli, Chowmein and more

Street Food Recipes
In this blog I’m sharing some street food recipes that are some of my favorites.

Check these street food recipes – Dabeli, Chowmein, Corn Bhel and Falooda. Click the video link below for detailed recipes.

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Hope you saw the video for detailed street food recipes.

For me Dabeli is a very underrated street food. I feel it doesn’t get its due. I personally love Dabeli. A good butter Dabeli is unbeatable – delicious potato filling that has an amazing sweet and sour flavor; Pomegranate seeds that add a nice crunch and feel and buttery pav. With all of these whats not to like!

Street Food Recipes

On the contrary, Chowmein is something that I found overrated. But the more I made this one at home, the more I realized that a dish bursting with flavor can be so simple to put together. I still need to enjoy a lot more of the Delhi Chowmein, but in Mumbai I remember having one at Chowpatty which was exceptional. You can check that out in the video below.

Street Food Recipes

Corn Bhel is my take on a healthier version of Bhel. I have eaten it out in Mumbai, but I personally prefer the one I make at home. Again simple to make and very high on taste.

Street Food Recipes

Falooda is something that is perfect for Mumbai weather, that is perennially hot and humid. Its cooling, soothing and oh so delicious! In the video above, I have shared a lighter version of Falooda – less cream, no ice cream and yet so satisfying. Do try it if you are looking for a refreshing pick me up.

Street Food Recipes

Want more street food recipes? Watch the videos below:

Desi Street Style Pasta

Street Food Thali. inspired by Mumbai Street Food

Pani Puri, Aloo Tikki Chaat at home

Want an interesting momos recipe? Click here!

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Paneer Momos Recipe – Tips for making perfect momos

Here’s a Paneer Momos Recipe that will fulfill your craving!

Watch this Paneer Momos Recipe to know all the steps in making perfect tasty momos.

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Eating Momos Finally! Indian Street Food Style Paneer Momos with quick and easy momos chutney or dip. Make it at home and enjoy it and Im pretty sure if like me you are not the biggest fan of momos, you will still enjoy this! Hope you like this episode of Your Secret Recipe.

This Paneer momos recipe by one of my subscribers and is part of the #YourSecretRecipe series. The beauty of this series is that its introduced me to so many new recipes and hacks. And this paneer momos recipe is definitely one for keeps.

In this recipe, you get to understand how to make a delicious filling with veggies and paneer. Along with that, the recipe also includes tips to make the momos covering perfectly thin. So definitely watch the recipe to understand all these aspects to get your momos right. This recipe video is by Vishaka who has done an excellent job at explaining everything in detail

Here are a few more recipes from this series.

Paneer Lababdar and Pav Bhaji recipe

White Sauce Pasta

Kaju Paneer Makhani Recipe

Watch more street food recipes. These will help you enjoy your favorite Street Food at home.

Idli Recipes

Indian Street Style Pasta

Indian Paneer Makhani Pizza

Dabeli, Chowmein and more Indian Street Food

Best of Sindhi Food

Want to try out a few ready to eat meals? These are perfect if you are pressed for time. Click here to check them out.

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FacebookPaneer Momos Recipe

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