Mitra Samaj Udupi – Birthplace of Masala Dosa?

Mitra Samaj

Mitra Samaj Udupi – a place that I was really looking forward to visit! Watch my video from Udupi Mitra Samaj. This is popular as the birthplace of masala dosa. And the dosa here is delicious! Subscribe to my Youtube channel here Let’s talk about Udupi cuisine first. Since Udupi is known as the temple city […]

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Krishna Temple Udupi – Shri Krishna Matha

Krishna temple Udupi

A while back I had the opportunity of visiting the Krishna Temple in Udupi. The Udupi Krishna Temple is iconic to the extent of influencing the popular ‘Udupi Cuisine’. Here is a video tour of the Shri Krishna Matha. Subscribe to my Youtube channel here Rituals at the Krishna Temple in Udupi start as early as […]

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La Marvella Bangalore – Luxurious stay in Bangalore

La Marvella Bangalore

I recently had the opportunity to stay in La Marvella Bangalore and it was beautiful! La Marvella Bangalore offers luxurious stays in Jayanagar, an affluent residential and commercial area in Bangalore. Area wise this is pretty close to a lot of good places in Bangalore – eateries, malls and more. For me, a key part […]

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Sheraton Grand Pune – Room Tour Video

A while back I stayed at The Sheraton Grand Pune and had a pretty goof experience. You can watch this video where I take you through the Sheraton Grand Pune. It also includes a room tour. Subscribe to my Youtube channel here The Sheraton Grand Pune is one of the oldest five star properties in Pune. […]

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Pune Street Food – definitely try these places!

Pune Street food

Pune street food is all about good Misal, Vada Pav, Sabudana Khichdi and many other Maharashtrian staples. Watch this Pune Street Food tour video and know about all the must visit spots. Subscribe to my Youtube channel here Garden Vada Pav One of the best Vada Pav I’ve ever had. This one is as good as […]

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Staycation in Mumbai at Radisson Goregaon

Staycation in mumbai

Staycation in Mumbai, my own city! What’s a staycation – a getaway in your own city or simply staying in at home. Here’s a video from my staycation in Mumbai, my own city and the hotel I chose was Radisson Goregaon. Do watch. Subscribe to my Youtube channel here As I grow older, I believe in […]

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