Gluten Free Pizza in Mumbai

Birdsong Cafe

Gluten free pizza to satisfy your pizza cravings! If you are looking for Vegan restaurants in Mumbai that offer vegan and gluten free pizza options then this is the right spot! Let me show you a different side to Mumbai food. I have tried out and shared in this food vlog, 8 different pizza places in Mumbai that provide gluten free, Vegan, vegetarian pizza in Mumbai. These are restaurants where you can sit and enjoy or you can even order them in home delivery. I have provided links to all restaurants mentioned in the video below.

Gluten free pizza can have different crust options – the most common ones I tried are Amaranth or rajgira flour, Bajra millet flour, Jowar and Oats. Many restaurants also provide an option for vegan cheese while choosing for Gluten free pizza options. I also tried the famous cauliflower crust and honestly that didn’t work for me, however you can try it for yourself to see if you enjoy the flavor and feel of it.

Here are all the places mentioned:

Earth Cafe


gluten free pizza


Flower Power Pizza


Village shop


Birdsong Cafe








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Hope you find all these videos helpful. Do let me know if you have any specific video requests. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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Healthy Dessert Recipes – 5 easy delicious dessert ideas

Healthy dessert recipes
Sharing 5 Healthy Dessert Recipes in the video below, so that you too can indulge guilt free!

Healthy dessert recipes

If you thing desserts can’t be healthy, think again. These healthy dessert recipes use no flour, no heavy cream, little sugar which of course can be replaced. Watch the video below to know all about them.

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These are not just healthy dessert recipes – they are also no bake desserts that can be enjoyed rather conveniently. I do enjoy baking, but sometimes I really don’t feel like getting my hands dirty with flour and other ingredients. So these desserts are perfect for those days.

What makes dessert unhealthy? Apart from obnoxious amount of sugar, desserts can also have maida or all purpose flour, corn flour in some cases or too much dairy which may not be suitable to everyone. Using ingredients like nut butters (almond butter / peanut butter), frozen fruit, cereal, dry fruits etc. we can make our indulgences more reasonable.

So which of these healthy dessert recipes are you trying today ūüôā I’d definitely recommend the Banana Chocolate Nice Cream and the Peanut Butter cups. I’m sure you and / or your kids would enjoy these. And of course these are my favorites too.

Healthy dessert recipes

Healthy dessert recipes

Healthy dessert recipes

Healthy dessert recipes

Want more healthy meals? Check this.

Indian meals can be healthy too. Watch this video to understand the nutrients that one day of home-cooked Indian food can provide.

Here is a video to help you out with quick Instant breakfast ideas so that you don’t skip this important meal.

A simple everyday meal, that can be prepared under 20 minutes. Watch!

I also have a video on 7 different Indian Lunch Thalis. This can be helpful if you find your everyday home cooked food a bit boring (happens to all of us!).

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Salad Recipes that are actually tasty and really easy

Salad Recipes
Salad recipes that are actually tasty! Yes you heard it right.

Here are 5 salad recipes to help you eat a little bit healthier everyday. Watch the video to know more.

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5 SALAD Recipes that are healthy and yummy. These are all easy to prepare and perfect for anyone who wants to get on a healthy eating journey. Eating vegetables and fruits, combined with olive oil, peanut butter, seeds, nuts makes for a very fulfilling side or even a main meal. Using simple ingredients like chickpeas, moong sprouts, corn, lettuce and other healthy ingredients, these salads can definitely add to your everyday meal variety. These salads are simple and don’t require too much preparation time. So you can have your daily salad fix without worrying about anything!

Here are a few things that can add a lot of flavor to your salad.

Olive Oil

Apple Cider Vinegar

Peanut Butter

Black Pepper

Pink Salt

Rock Salt

Chia Seeds

Flax Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

Balsamic Vinegar


Salad Recipes Time Stamps

01:09 Corn Salad Recipe

02:30 Chickpea Salad (Chana Salad / Chhole Salad)

03:41 Apple Cider Vinegar Salad Dressing

04:39 Moong Sprout Salad

05:02 Yoghurt Salad Dressing

06:02 Lettuce Salad

06:55 Salad Dressing with olive oil

08:17 Cabbage Salad

Hope these easy salad recipes and ideas help you eat more healthy. I love including Raw foods in my daily diet and salads are a great way to do so. Even these salad dressings are extremely simple. Do try them out.

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Healthy Indian Veggies

Breakfast Ideas

Paneer – lunch ideas

Protein Rich Meals

Evening Snacks

Indian Thali – everyday healthy Indian meals

Read about a healthier version of cookies here

Want to watch Hindi videos? Click the links below!

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Broccoli Revolution Bangkok Review | Delicious vegan food

Broccoli Revolution Bangkok
Broccoli Revolution Bangkok is a pretty cafe and restaurant offering pure vegan cuisine.

Here is a video from my visit to Broccoli Revolution Bangkok. I tried a few dishes and absolutely enjoyed my visit:

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Broccoli Revolution Bangkok

If you are looking for Vegan, vegetarian food in Bangkok then head to Broccoli Revolution. The cafe is located in Sukhumvit and is such a beautifully done place. Ample seating space, lots of natural light and greenery and an energetic vibe is something you will be welcomed with if you head here during the daytime.

Broccoli Revolution Bangkok

My visit here was during lunch time and so I started with a soup. Their carrot and pumpkin soup is a hearty bowl of warm, comforting flavors. And the pepper sprinkled in it adds just the right edge. One bowl is big enough to fill you up if you have it as a meal.

Broccoli Revolution Bangkok

I tried one of their best sellers next, the veggie balls. In India, these would be known as ‘pakoras’. Shredded carrots, broccoli and a few other veggies, coated with bread and deep fried to perfection. These were beautifully crunchy on the outside. And they came with soya mayonnaise which was a vegan mayo version, but so good!

Most vegan, veggie-friendly places will have at least one Indian meal. And here they had an Indian Chickpeas curry. This is served with rice or roti. I enjoyed this gravy – just the perfect balance of tangy and sweet and felt so good.

Broccoli Revolution Bangkok

At Broccoli Revolution Bangkok, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to dessert. I ended up trying their dark chocolate sorbet, and boy was that a good decision! Light, yet packed a solid flavour in every bite.

If you’re in Bangkok and looking for an exclusively vegan cafe then I recommend Broccoli Revolution. It’s such a beautiful place and I hope I get to go back here real soon.

I also found a vegan friendly Italian restaurant in Bangkok. Read about it here.

More videos from my visit to Bangkok:

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Enjoy a glass of fresh juice at these places in Mumbai

Winter or summer, a glass of fresh juice is always welcome in Mumbai.

So in this video I compiled some of my regular spots for grabbing some fresh juice in the city. Watch now!

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Haji Ali Juice Center

While they are known for their juices, there is definitely a lot more that you can try here. It’s quite a popular late night hangout where you can grab a nice grilled sandwich, some fresh fruit and cream and lots more. But I would definitely recommend trying their fresh watermelon juice – its basic but perfect!


I remember this from my college days. The place that made me fall in love with fresh strawberries and cream. I do feel that they have become a bit expensive now but I still like the place for all the nostalgia. You could try their juices, ice creams, shakes and even snacks.

Sukh Sagar

Sukh sagar juice is almost like a must do in South Mumbai. They serve up some crazy combinations and I recommend trying out their Fruit Cocktails – its got black grapes, pineapple, apple and pomegranate. It is filling so you could skip a meal! Also don’t forget to walk down towards their fast food restaurant just a couple seconds ahead of the juice shop and try their idli.

Amar Juice Center

This place is known for it’s pav bhaji and nothing like a good Orange and Sweetlime juice to tone down that spicy after taste. It’s open all day but more of a late night hangout. If you come here on weekends then you will definitely be waiting for a long time before you can grab a bite.

Sahu Gupta Sugarcane Juice

Located in Colaba, right next to Pizza Express this is the best Sugarcane juice ever! You have to have a glass to know what I mean. Personally I find sugarcane juice really refreshing and is an absolutely value for money.

JOOST Juice Bar

If you want a place which is high on hygiene then try any outlet of JOOST juice bars. They serve up some healthy mixes and even regular fruit juices. Most of them are squeezed right in front of you and you can be rest assured of their quality.

Here are a few more places that you should visit when in Mumbai

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Kapiva Amla Juice Review

Kapiva Amla Juice
It’s close to 3 weeks now that I’ve been on a detox of sorts and I’ve also religiously been having Kapiva Amla Juice every morning.

I’ve never really taken to Amla Juice, and that’s mostly because of the taste. So I was quite hesitant initially to try Kapiva Amla Juice. But I think it’s been a good decision overall.

Kapiva is an Ayurvedic brand and they offer solutions in the form of pills, juices, concentrates for improving ones health and also for specific issues. They have a wide variety of products ranging from natural juices like Amla and Aloevera, to medicinal compositions like Sitopaladi churna. They even have products for hair and beauty. So yes, their catalogue is quite wide and it can help you out with specific needs – like joint pain, weight loss, cough-cold, diabetes and lots more.

Kapiva Amla Juice

Amla Juice has a ton of benefits, if consumed daily. Some of them are listed below:

  • Boosts immunity
  • Effective for cough, cold
  • Soothes inflammation
  • Relieves asthma and brnonchitis
  • Aids weightloss
  • Rich source of antioxidants
  • Effective against high blood pressure
  • Good for skin
  • Controls dandruff, hairfall and premature graying of hair

With all of the listed benefits, Amla Juice is a great addition to our daily lives. For me, arranging for Amla Juice daily was honestly an addition to my already busy life. And while I really wanted to enjoy the benefits, I wasn’t able to do so because making that extra time to get fresh juice daily was something I could not commit to. But with Kapiva Amla Juice, I honestly was relieved because I had something organic and 100% authentic to rely on. It does not contain added sugar, artificial colors and flavors and is also free from seeds, oils and any impurities.

Kapiva Amla Juice

It comes in a very handy plastic bottle and also has a measurement cup. You just need to add 30ml of Amla Juice and mix it with a glassful of water and have it first thing in the morning.

Kapiva Amla Juice

I’ve almost emptied out the bottle that I started and it’s probably been about 3 weeks since I’ve been having Kapiva Amla Juice and I definitely see a massive improvement in my immunity and resistance to cough and cold. During the festive season, I’m always down with either a sore throat or a clogged nose but this time I’m doing well so far. I also feel it has impacted my skin really well – it looks more radiant.

Kapiva Amla Juice

All in all, I’m quite happy with my decision to try out Kapiva Amla Juice. It is definitely something that I would be buying once again. In case you are keen to try this out, then do check their website.

Price – Rs.110

Quantity – 500ml

Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for my next post.

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Washington Apples in India!

Washington Apples in India Juicy Red
YES – You can have Washington Apples in India!

The Washington Apple Commission recently hosted an event talking about¬†the benefits of consuming Washington Apples in India. This event was in association with the FBAI. I absolutely love these events hosted by the FBAI, because it’s a good mix of like-minded folks coming together and talking about interesting topics. The event was hosted at the beautiful St.Regis Hotel which does provide a spectacular sunset view of the city.

Chef Himanshu Taneja was also present at the event and he demonstrated the versatility of the Washington Apples – you could use it in cooking, baking and so much more. In fact, the spread that they laid out for us at the event, pretty much used the Washington Apple as one of the ingredients.

Washington Apples in India Recipe

Washington Apples in India Recipes

I’m not the biggest fan of apples in general, but Washington Apples have a special place in my heart. I remember eating these on some of my trips to the U.S. and that’s actually where I began to like apples. We received some apples on attending this event and I was totally reminded of the ones I had on my trips.

Apples are actually really good for health. That age old saying is true and here’s what Apples¬†do:

  • Fight Diseases
  • Reduce risk of Cancer, Cholestrol, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Asthma
  • Improve Brain Health
  • High on Fiber
  • Good for Digestion
  • Promote Weightloss
  • No Fat
  • No Cholestrol

Apples come in 5 varieties:

Red Delicious

Washington Apples in India Red

Golden Delicious

Washington Apples in India Golden Delicious

Granny Smith

Washington Apples in India Granny Smith


Washington Apples in India Gala Apple


Washington Apples in India Fuji

Washington apples are special because they come from Washington, which is known to have the most fertile land for the best available apples. It’s indeed a good thing that we can enjoy these Washington Apples in India as well.

Apples are definitely not my most favorite fruit, but seeing all of the advantages I’m definitely going to try and get some at least a few times a week.

Do you love apples? Have you tried Washington Apples in India? Let me know in the comments below!



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Cafe Gratitude Video – Experience in Los Angeles

Hello! If you’ve been following me on my Instagram, you would know that I was in Los Angeles recently. While there, I visited this place called Cafe Gratitude. This is a vegan cafe that serves healthy and delicious food and a whole lot of good vibes! My Cafe Gratitude Video explains this entire place.

I’ve tried to capture my entire experience in my Cafe Gratitude Video. It’s a place that makes you feel good, positive and uplifted. And they don’t try too hard to do that; it’s just an underlying vibe. Check out this¬†Cafe Gratitude Video

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Here’s more pictures from my visit to Cafe Gratitude.







Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience here. It is a beautiful place – almost perfectly Instagram friendly. And the food is pretty good too. If you are vegetarian or vegan then you will like this place.

Cafe Gratitude Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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