What to Eat in Jaipur?

Eat in Jaipur
If you are looking for suggestions on what to eat in Jaipur, then you have come to the right place!

Watch these videos of the best food that you need to eat in Jaipur.

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Here are all the things that you need to eat in Jaipur.

Aloo Tikki Chaat and Paneer Ghevar at L.M.B.

Eat in Jaipur Paneer Ghevar

L.M.B. is an institution in itself and you need to begin every trip to Jaipur by visiting this place. They are famous for a lot of things but I absolutely recommend trying out their Aloo Tikki Chaat. Also don’t forget to pack some of their super famous Paneer Ghevar for home.

Tadkewali Maggi and Chai at Tapri

Eat in Jaipur Tadkewali Maggi

Another must visit it Tapri. Get here around sunset time and enjoy a nice cutting chai and their tadkewali maggi. It’s got so much fried onion on top that you will not be able to stop having it!

Malai Kulfi at Pandit Kulfi

Eat in Jaipur Pandit KULFI

Perfect thing to have on a sunny afternoon is the very famous Pandit Kulfi. Try Malai Kulfi or Kesar Pista and you won’t be disappointed.

Softy at Guddu Ice Cream

Eat in Jaipur Guddu Ice Cream

Kulfi not your thing? Don’t worry! Try the softy ice cream at Guddu. They usually have a flavor of the day which you can try whenever you visit.

Chai and Bun Maska at Gulab Ji Chai Wale

Eat in Jaipur gulab ji chai

Craving for a hot chai and bun maska instead? Visit Gulab Ji Chai Wale – one of the oldest chai shops in Jaipur and fulfill your cravings.

Omlette with Garlic Chutney at Sanjay Omlette

Eat in Jaipur sanjay omlette

Another one of those old spots in Jaipur – you need to come here and try their masala omlette. And always ask for extra garlic chutney.

Eat in Jaipur omlette

Pani Puri and Dahi Puri at Nand Chaat Bhandar

Eat in Jaipur pani puri

This is one of the best Pani Puri I’ve ever had! If you love chaat then make sure you visit Nand Chaat Bhandar.

Eat in Jaipur dahi puri

Radheshyam Bhatia Paneer Wala

Eat in Jaipur paneer

This place comes alive at night. Think Tandoori Paneer, Honey Chilli Potato, Gajar Ka Halwa or even Masala Milk cravings and you can fulfil all of them here!

Eat in Jaipur honey chilli potato

Eat in Jaipur masala milk

Elaichi Chai at Sahuji ki Chai

Eat in Jaipur sahu chai

Best to have this in the night when you are trying to battle the cold in Jaipur! This is one flavorful elaichi chai.

Eat in Jaipur

These are my top picks on what you should eat in Jaipur. Hope this was helpful.

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