Enjoy a glass of fresh juice at these places in Mumbai

Winter or summer, a glass of fresh juice is always welcome in Mumbai.

So in this video I compiled some of my regular spots for grabbing some fresh juice in the city. Watch now!

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Haji Ali Juice Center

While they are known for their juices, there is definitely a lot more that you can try here. It’s quite a popular late night hangout where you can grab a nice grilled sandwich, some fresh fruit and cream and lots more. But I would definitely recommend trying their fresh watermelon juice – its basic but perfect!


I remember this from my college days. The place that made me fall in love with fresh strawberries and cream. I do feel that they have become a bit expensive now but I still like the place for all the nostalgia. You could try their juices, ice creams, shakes and even snacks.

Sukh Sagar

Sukh sagar juice is almost like a must do in South Mumbai. They serve up some crazy combinations and I recommend trying out their Fruit Cocktails – its got black grapes, pineapple, apple and pomegranate. It is filling so you could skip a meal! Also don’t forget to walk down towards their fast food restaurant just a couple seconds ahead of the juice shop and try their idli.

Amar Juice Center

This place is known for it’s pav bhaji and nothing like a good Orange and Sweetlime juice to tone down that spicy after taste. It’s open all day but more of a late night hangout. If you come here on weekends then you will definitely be waiting for a long time before you can grab a bite.

Sahu Gupta Sugarcane Juice

Located in Colaba, right next to Pizza Express this is the best Sugarcane juice ever! You have to have a glass to know what I mean. Personally I find sugarcane juice really refreshing and is an absolutely value for money.

JOOST Juice Bar

If you want a place which is high on hygiene then try any outlet of JOOST juice bars. They serve up some healthy mixes and even regular fruit juices. Most of them are squeezed right in front of you and you can be rest assured of their quality.

Here are a few more places that you should visit when in Mumbai

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