Indian One Pot Meals – Recipes and Ideas

indian one pot meals

Indian One Pot Meals so that we all have lesser dishes to wash! Here is a video sharing 7 different Indian One Pot meals. I filmed this video during the lockdown – when I wanted food that required minimal utensils! Do watch this video for all the different one pot recipes. Subscribe to my Youtube […]

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Coffee Chocolate Cake without eggs or oven

Coffee Chocolate Cake

Coffee Chocolate Cake without eggs or oven – POSSIBLE? Of course! Here is a delicious coffee chocolate cake recipe. Its made in a pan, does not use eggs or condensed milk or cream and is really simple! Also watch the full video for a delicious Mocha Buttercream frosting to complete this coffee chocolate cake. Subscribe […]

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Kaju Paneer Masala Recipe with Butter Naan

Kaju Paneer Masala recipe

Kaju Paneer Masala recipe to fulfil your restaurant food cravings! Here’s a delicious Kaju Paneer Masala Recipe for when you are craving restaurant style food at home. Its simple, and turns out delicious! Watch the video for the recipe: Subscribe to my Youtube channel here Do check the video for the recipe for Kaju Paneer Masala […]

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Paneer Makhani Pizza recipe – easy and tasty!

paneer makhani pizza

Paneer makhani Pizza is such a delicious take on a desi Pizza! For me this has been my lockdown special! Whenever I’ve craved outside food, this Paneer Makhani Pizza is what has kept me going. Watch this video for the full recipe of Paneer makhani pizza and also other popular desi pizza options. Subscribe to […]

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Ranchi Food & Restaurants – must try places

ranchi food

Ranchi food and restaurants that are so highly recommended that I had to try them! In this video, I’m exploring Ranchi food places that are legendary for the city and its locals. This is Kaveri restaurant from Ranchi. It probably the most famous, the most reviewed and the most visited restaurant in Ranchi. When I […]

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