Kaju Paneer Masala Recipe with Butter Naan

Kaju Paneer Masala recipe
Kaju Paneer Masala recipe to fulfil your restaurant food cravings!

Here’s a delicious Kaju Paneer Masala Recipe for when you are craving restaurant style food at home. Its simple, and turns out delicious! Watch the video for the recipe:

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Do check the video for the recipe for Kaju Paneer Masala Makhani and also a recipe for butter naan. This is a recipe shared by one of you – i asked you guys a while back to fill in the form for my secret project and this is what came out of it! So i decided to call this series YOUR SECRET RECIPE and every week i will be featuring some of your dishes, cooking hacks and more. This week we have Priyanka Patel all the way from London who has shared her recipe of Kaju Paneer Masala Makhani and a few very interesting things in the recipe which are quite different from the way we would normally make this dish.

This recipe of Kaju Paneer Makhani is different in many aspects. Firstly roasted tomatoes have been used in the tomato gravy. And this would lend an inherent smoky flavor to this dish. Second is the use of caramelised onion paste and this would add a very juicy sweet flavor to the dish. Also the use of honey would add a lingering sweetness and a beautiful glaze. Along with the use of saffron, for a rich deep orange color.

You will also find a recipe for Butter Naan in the above video. Its a simple step by step process to make restaurant style charred crisp Butter naan at home.

Hope this recipe for Kaju Paneer Makhani is helpful. You can check more Indian recipes below:

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