Ranchi Food & Restaurants – must try places

ranchi food
Ranchi food and restaurants that are so highly recommended that I had to try them!

In this video, I’m exploring Ranchi food places that are legendary for the city and its locals.

This is Kaveri restaurant from Ranchi. It probably the most famous, the most reviewed and the most visited restaurant in Ranchi. When I asked around for recommendations, Kaveri was mentioned to me by all people as a must visit. When I visited Kaveri, I decided to try a thali. I feel that a thali meal is a great way to try multiple dishes in a restaurant and honestly I did quite enjoy it. The Dahi Wada stood out – its a must try stand alone dish! When I posted my video about Kaveri on Youtube, I got a lot of recommendations to try the paneer chilli here and hopefully if I go back I will try it!

As they say old is gold, and the food, especially the Raj Kachori here at Punjab Sweet House in Ranchi was pure gold. Filled with yoghurt, chutneys, boondi, carrots, beetroot – tasted like a dream! Also, this is one of the oldest eating places in Ranchi. Simple food is something you can expect here and they actually have a lot of street food served North Indian Style. One thing that I do want to try out here next time is the Chowmein. I saw it on every table and it looked delicious!

Dosa Plaza, has its branches all over India and I happened to try it for the first time in Ranchi. And boss, was I in for a surprise! You can’t even imagine the kind of dosa names and ingredients on their menu. I tried the Mexican Roll Dosa, there was nothing Mexican about it! And I also tried their Idli Manchurian and that tasted delicious. So if you love fusion food, then this place is worth a visit. They also have proper Indian main course like rotis and subzis, but do try at least one of their fusion item.

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