Indian One Pot Meals – Recipes and Ideas

indian one pot meals
Indian One Pot Meals so that we all have lesser dishes to wash!

Here is a video sharing 7 different Indian One Pot meals. I filmed this video during the lockdown – when I wanted food that required minimal utensils! Do watch this video for all the different one pot recipes.

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Indian One pot meals for dinner, lunch or snack or even breakfast. These Indian vegetarian recipes are easy, quick, beginner friendly, help save cooking gas and also save time. And they also ensure that there are lesser utensils to wash 😉 So in this video, Im sharing 7 different one pot meal ideas that I had for a meal every day of the week. All the names of the dishes are given below:

Shahi Pulao

Sambhar Rice

Boiled Vegetables Pulao

Masala Macaroni

Cheesy Vermicelli with vegetables

Dalia Upma

Healthy Vegetable Soup without any cornflour

Hope you found these vegetarian recipe ideas helpful. If you are looking for a more elaborate Indian lunch, perhaps a thali, then watch the video below. It has 7 different homemade thali lunch ideas!

An Indian thali at home – well thats possible! A thali meal is essentially for anyone who loves variety. So I thought of sharing with you this everyday thali that you can enjoy at home. These are Indian lunch recipes that are great for anyone. These are beginner friendly and hopefully will help you get that good Indian home food feel 🙂

You can also watch this 7 days of Indian Breakfast video below!

Want Indian food ideas in Hindi? Then head over to SugarSpiceNice Hindi! We have a lot of recipes there. Check out the Indian lunch ideas video in Hindi.

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