Indian Style Pasta in White Sauce – easy recipe

indian style pasta
Indian Style Pasta in white sauce which is super easy to make.

Here is a recipe for Indian Style Pasta in white sauce. Watch the video to learn how to make it quickly!

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I tried this pasta recipe and it turned out beautifully creamy. The butter, garlic and herbs lend their flavor and the piri piri spice mix definitely adds a lot of zing. Its a bit spicy, but the creaminess of the pasta just takes over.

Indian style Pasta in white sauce – this is a super simple recipe for white sauce. And can be enjoyed almost instantly. This is an Indian style pasta, with lots of spices, herbs and best enjoyed steaming hot! This is the second video of my series – Your Secret Recipe. And in this video the white sauce pasta recipe is shared by Riya Kakkar, from Delhi. You can follow here on her instagram.

White sauce pasta is definitely much more easier and hassle free, as compared to red sauce pasta. In red sauce there is a certain amount of preparation that needs to be done. But white sauce is almost instant. However, if you love a good Indian style red sauce pasta, then here is a delicious recipe for you. Watch the video below.

Indian style pasta, whether its red or white sauce, uses a lot of spices, herbs everything. And thats why its so beautifully tangy and tasty. Hope you enjoy and try out these recipes.

Here I also have a recipe for Indian style Pizza. This is a full on Paneer Makhani Pizza. And actually theres also a roti pizza, bread pizza and pav pizza. Do watch it below:

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