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You have gotta #EatThis when you visit Asia Kitchen by Mainland China.

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Asia Kitchen by Mainland China is one place where I loved everything that I ate. Each and every item was delicious! Quick review of each of these items is below.

Soy peanuts
Will appear on your table as a welcome gesture. I bet you, you won’t be able to stop popping these.

Vegetarian sweet corn soup
Thick and creamy and doesn’t feel like an excess of corn flour. It’s got a little bit of veggies in it. Absolutely loved this.

Crispy lotus stem with black pepper and curry leaves
Never thought I would love lotus stem. The flavor of the Lotus stem and curry leaves together had me totally gorging on this.

Tried one with spinach and the other with veggies – Cabbage , carrots etc. The outer covering is soft and melt in your mouth. Veggies inside are so flavorful. Spinach doesn’t feel bitter.

Raw Papaya Salad
This is such a nice sweet and sour flavor – feels really light and refreshing. Finely chopped raw papaya, some tomatoes and a little bit of capsicum – very tasty.

Crispy crackling spinach
Loved the way this was served – looked so bomb sitting pretty in a martini glass. Slightly different than the other places I’ve had crackling spinach – this was even tinier bits and not whole leaves. Add had a slightly different, but good flavor. And was definitely the least oily one I’ve had.

Teriyaki chilli potato
A slightly different version of the regular honey chilli potato – Teriyaki gave a nice sweetish flavor and I love any tossed / fried potato. So I obviously totally loved this.

Stir fry beans
Main course started with some stir fry beans – green beans with some spring onions, chilli and sesame seeds. I usually am not the biggest fan of stir fry veggies but this was so yum!

Assorted veggies in black bean sauce
Black bean sauce done perfect – no weird taste that sometimes black bean sauce can have. Veggies included zucchini, carrots, broccoli, corn, onions. I don’t like black bean sauce either but this one was quite nice.

Golden corn, potatoes and water chestnut
This is STELLAR. A nice hot sauce felt like hunan mixed with something milder and corn, potatoes and water chestnut. It is going into my most favorite gravy list. You have to try this.

Lemongrass Fried Rice
Heavy flavor – I personally liked it. If you are ok with a heavy flavor going on in your fried rice then you will love it.

Thai exotica
Guava juice and basil – fresh and refreshing.

Malay spice melon
Highly highly recommend this one. Watermelon juice, some ginger and lime. Ginger and watermelon is such a great combo.

Lychee and vanilla ice cream
Literally came in glass bowl with a whole lot of vapor! Deseeded Lychee – win! Them and vanilla ice cream together – double win!

Honey noodles with orange and basil
If just honey noodles weren’t good enough! Zesty orange flavor on honey noodles make them even better. So sooooo delish. Another one in my list of favorite desserts.

Full review of Asia Kitchen by Mainland China is here

Hope you enjoyed watching and reading. What is your favorite place for Asian food? Let me know in the comments below!

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