Homemade Italian Food – A delicious challenge

Homemade Italian Food
Homemade Italian Food is something that I took up as a challenge.

I survived on homemade Italian food, for a full 24 hours. It was probably the greatest food challenge I could give myself. And of course I captured it all on video. Check out my homemade Italian Food challenge vlog below!

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In this video I make Italian food at home. For someone who has never made a proper pizza from scratch, this is kind of a big deal! And I did refer to a lot of Youtube videos for being able to find the right recipes. For this video I made an Italian tomato sauce, which I used for pasta as well as Pizza.

Homemade Italian Food

Homemade Italian Food

I also made Tiramisu with back up ingredients. So this is a Tiramisu without any Mascarpone Cheese, Ladyfinger biscuits, eggs or liqueur.

Homemade Italian Food

I also tried to find out a few nuances of Italian culture – especially their breakfast patterns. And I found that they actually indulge in light breakfasts – some coffee (or tea / juice) and something sweet. It can be a Brioche (popularly known as Croissant) or a pastry or a simple cake (the ones without icing). They also indulge in Jam or preserve on toast. Nutella is also an Italian discovery and breakfast staple so that is what I picked for my Italian breakfast.

Homemade Italian Food

Overall, this was a great day for me. I ended up enjoying the best food I could possibly make.

I also did another challenge video where I indulged in IDLIS all day. Watch it below!

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