Shreyas Dining Hall | Maharahtrian Thali in Pune

Shreyas Dining Hall
I was impressed with Shreyas Dining Hall right in my first visit!

I’ve tried a Maharashtrian thali in many places. But Shreyas Dining Hall in Pune is one place which I want to visit again and again. Watch this video from my visit to Shreyas Dining Hall where I share my entire thali experience.

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For me a Maharashtrian thali means an absolute feast of flavors. Dal, rice, bhakri, appetizers and sweetdish – all of these items in a single meal and all so delicious! Shreyas Dining Hall has been serving these yummy meals in Pune since many years now and in fact is a place of choice for locals as well as people visiting Pune.

Their everyday thali consists of a combination of the following:

Rice or Bhaat

  • Tomato Rice
  • Masala Rice
  • Matki Rice
  • Veg Pullao
  • Kobhibhat
  • Masala Rice

Vegetable – Sukhi Bhaji/Sabji

  • Mix Veg
  • Katri Batata
  • Batata Suki
  • Flower Mutter
  • Kanda Batata
  • Dosa Bhaji

Gravy Bhaji/Sabji

  • Kanda Batata
  • Bharli Wangi
  • Pandra Watata
  • Birdi Usal
  • Aluchi Bhajhi


  • Tomato Sar
  • Solkadi
  • Amti


  • Wanga Bharit
  • Keli Tomato
  • Khamang Kakadi
  • Kakadi
  • Mix Koshimbir
  • Kakadi Tomato

Side Dish

  • Mug Bhaji
  • Kothibir Wadi
  • Batata Wada
  • Surli Wadi
  • Bhaji
  • Dahi Wada
  • Pattice
  • Dhokla
  • Sabudana Wada

They have a range of daily sweet dish items for an additional cost. I recommend trying out their Puran Poli.

I highly recommend trying out the Maharashtrial thali at Shreyas Dining hall. It is worth every penny and leaves you so satisfied and full.

I have tried a few more thali places in Pune. You can watch my experience in the videos below.

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