Peninsula Grand – Is this really GRAND?

Peninsula Grand

I recently visited Peninsula Grand and I couldn’t help but compare it to all of the other Peninsulas’ I’ve visited, all across Mumbai. For those of you who are not aware, Grand Peninsula is a restaurant located in a 4 star hotel of the same name. And the same group also has restaurants of various price ranges in Sion, Mumbai as well. But this particular one, compared to all of the others did appear a lot more fancy.

In order to know if the Peninsula Grand has all the keys that it needs to be really GRAND, watch this video!

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The Peninsula Grand is a beautifully done place. Pastel shades, a lot of white and huge windows make it seem very open. And they offer a huge variety of food – North Indian, Chinese and so much more. They also have a full bar available. It is a place that you can visit with your entire family and have a great time.

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