Lassi Te Parrontthe – The Best Aloo Paratha in Mumbai

Lassi Te Parrontthe
If you’ve been following me for a while, you would probably already know that my heart skips a beat everytime I think about Lassi Te Parrontthe. It’s one of my most favorite places to EVER!

Lassi Te Parrontthe

Lassi Te Parrontthe, for those of you who are new, is a a place at Carter Road in Mumbai. You get different varieties of Parathas here – ranging from aloo, to gobi, to methi to paneer and probably few more. The parathas are delicious, to say the least. And what I personally admire is the  dedication with which the owner Nikhil Thakur a.k.a. Parronttha Man from Carters makes these. Watch this video from my visit to Lassi Te Parrontthe and you will know what I’m talking about.

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I hope after watching the video you understand the level of parathas I’m talking about.

The stuffing in these parathas is literally spot on. I’ll tell you about my favorite one here – the aloo and it has a delicious flavor from masalas like dhaniya powder. And the parathas are also cooked to perfection. A lot of times while eating parathas outside I find that there is a spot either towards the extreme sides or where the stuffing is really heavy that feels kinda uncooked. But not with the ones I’ve had at Lassi Te Parrontthe.

Lassi Te Parrontthe

The parathas are served with Dahi that comes in a kulhad which seems pretty fresh and not at all sour. And some pickle too. You also get some chhaas and lassi here. 

Lassi Te Parrontthe

When you visit Lassi Te Parrontthe, you will pretty much see the main Parronttha Man getting the parathas ready. And just watching him make them can be so cool.

Lassi Te Parrontthe

Highly recommend this place.

I hope you enjoyed watching and reading about my experience at Lassi Te Parrontthe. Let me know if you visit the place. Would love to know how you liked it.

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