Black Dessert now in Mumbai

Icekraft Waffles

My love for dessert took me to Icekraft once again. Honestly, this time it was more curiosity than love.

The Team at Icekraft said that they were introducing Black Dessert – Black Ice Cream and Black Waffles and I just really wanted to try it. So I went there and filmed this video of me trying out Black Dessert. Watch it and I hope you enjoy it.

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I hope you enjoyed watching this video from my trip to Icekraft.

So let’s take a look at what I had, once again.


This ice cream tastes as gorgeous as it looks. Somehow, I never associate Black with dessert, but thanks to Icekraft, my opinion stands changed. This tasted amazing – chocolate, fresh cream – I mean what’s not to like!

And then there were these black waffles – which were absolutely delicious too. These felt like a little dark chocolate mixed with orange. I love that combination!

So do you need to worry about the Black in Black Ice Cream – like what is it? Is it safe for consumption? Is it color? So the simple answer to all of this is NO. You don’t need to worry. The Black in Black ice cream is actually activated charcoal. And Activated Charcoal has so many health benefits. Here’s listing a few:

  • Reduces Gas and Bloating
  • Helps alleviate alcohol poisoning and cures hangovers
  • Get’s rid of toxins in the body
  • It’s an all round digestive cleanser

So, now that you are assured that Black Ice Cream is all good, definitely go and indulge yourself in the ones available at Icekraft.

I hope you enjoyed watching the video and reading about everything I ate. What is the weirdest Ice Cream you have eaten? Let me know below!

Also if you want me to review any particular places in the city, then let me know and I will try and visit them for you.



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