Cake Me Away

Cake Me Away Review

I’ve had a really horrible experience dealing with these guys. And all of that was so not worth it for a bunch of rotten pastries. Read my complete review below.

Cake Me Away
Yuck Pastries

If Zomato had ZERO or negative marking this place deserves it. I called for 4 pastries from here last night – pineapple, black forest, Dutch truffle and their best selling royal chocolate. All 4 were STALE! Have listed their qualities below:
Thick and chewy icing
Chocolate that could not have melted

Cake Me Away
Yuck Pineapple
Cake Me Away
Yuck Black Forest

I managed to call them and tell them about their brilliant pastries. And to that the response I got from the person answering the call was – I’ll send fresh ones now! So I was like why send me stale ones in the first place and to that the response was – actually our fridge stopped working for about 10 minutes and that might have caused this! I then contacted the owner who was so arrogant – I asked for a clear cut refund and he tried to tell me to forget about the refund and that he’d send me fresh pastries now! So basically I spend and taste crap and don’t get refunded for it.

Cake Me Away
Yuck Dutch Trufle
Cake Me Away
Yuck Yuck Yuck
Cake Me Away
Money wasted


Cake Me Away
Dirty Pastries
Cake Me Away
Snapchat Stories

Do NOT order from here. EVER. And these guys still owe me 328 bucks for the crap they sent.

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