Etihad Airways Review

etihad airways
I travelled from Los Angeles to Mumbai on Etihad Airways and thought of sharing my experience with you.

This was my first flying experience on Etihad Airways. It was a long flight so probably the best one to review!

In this video I am sharing a part of my Etihad Airways flying experience with you. My flight was from Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi and thereafter to Mumbai. And this is a video of my flight from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai. Do watch.

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Flying to and fro from America can quite a task! Long flights get the best of me and there are a few things that Etihad Airways did well to deserve this blog post.

Firstly, in spite of Economy class, there was a fair bit of leg room. A lot of other flights don’t offer this kind of  space.

Secondly, the service. Their staff is kind and responsive. You are not left waiting or unanswered.

Thirdly, their food. I can say that this is one of the best in flight meals I’ve had.

Small things make a huge difference in long flights. And I definitely feel that Etihad Airways does go out of their way to ensure that passengers have a smooth experience. For instance, they served sliced apples as a snack which I thought was very good since food ends up making one feel either too acidic or queasy on flights.

I would definitely choose to fly with Etihad Airways once again. And that is irrespective of my flight duration.

I would love to know of your flight experience with Etihad and other flights as well. So leave that in the comments below.

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