Chinese Restaurants in Mumbai

chinese restaurants in mumbai
One of my favorite cuisine is Chinese and so I thought of compiling the best Chinese Restaurants in Mumbai.

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Chinese food is available in plenty in Mumbai. Right from budget friendly eateries, to fine dining joints, Chinese and Asian cuisine is indeed loved by a lot of people, including me. So here’s a little more about these places that do justice to the cuisine in Mumbai.

China Garden

One of the oldest and one of my most loved eateries in the city, China Garden is the place you need to go to try Indianized Chinese food. Their manchurian, schezwan gravy and spring rolls will definitely keep you coming back for more.

Ling’s Pavillion

Another legendary restaurant in Mumbai, Ling’s Pavillion is popular, especially among tourists for their Chinese fare. If ever in Colaba, you should try out this place. And definitely try out their honey noodles with ice-cream. It’s one of the best.


Owned by the famous Tham brothers, Koko is an Asian gastropub in Lower Parel, Mumbai. I love their food – it’s good quality and even better taste. Don’t miss their turnip cakes – they’re the best!

China Bistro

This place is famous for its buffet lunch. You can definitely indulge in a wide variety of their dishes if you choose to go for their buffet.

Mama Goto

Another one for Asian cuisine, Koko has my heart not just for its food, but also its fun interiors. Its a really charming place and you should definitely visit.

China Gate

Another old favorite – China Gate has some of the best Chinese starters and appetizers. Crispy Corn with Waterchestnut and their Tsing Hai Potato are definitely something you should try.

Open China

A new entrant in the city, this place is great if you are celebrating a special occasion. Grand interiors and good food is how I like to describe it.

So those were some of my favorite Chinese Restaurants in Mumbai. Hope this list is helpful. Do visit and let me know about your experience.

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