Spice Klub Restaurant – Modern Indian Food

Spice Klub Restaurant
Spice Klub restaurant is one of the few places that serves delicious, vegetarian Modern Indian Cuisine.

I’ve loved food at Spice Klub restaurant right since they started. And this time, I got to capture it in a video. Watch the video below.

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Fusion food – mixing flavors, textures, ingredients and even cuisines sometimes, is something that I’m not really fascinated with. However, I do love the way Spice Klub does it. Firstly their food itself is tasty – be it chutneys, ingredients, recipes, they get their taste right. Secondly, they don’t overdo the mixing – like everything isn’t mixed or topped with cheese! Also the original flavor of the dish, as it’s supposed to be, can still be felt. So these are reasons why I love Spice Klub restaurant. They do have outlets in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune and Dubai.

Spice Klub restaurant also lays a lot of emphasis on presentation – whether it’s their display of chutneys, pickles, or the way the present each dish. They definitely achieve their goal of making the food look extremely appetizing.

A lot of places in Mumbai attempt to serve Modern Indian food, and I have’t taken a liking to many of those. Simple reason being that they put way too much emphasis on the presentation, and not so much on the taste itself. Spice Klub gets both correct.

If you are keen to experiment with Indian cuisine and want to try something different, then head to Spice Klub restaurant. I would say that in terms of price, they are on the higher side. However, their taste and even quantity makes up for it.

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