Sardar Pav Bhaji | Mumbai Street Food

Sardar Pav Bhaji is Mumbai’s oldest pav bhaji.

Afternoon, evening or night, Sardar Pav Bhaji is always packed. Watch this video to find out why.

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Sardar Pav Bhaji is around since 1966 and that’s a legacy of overs 50 years. They started as a small food place serving a nutritious meal of mixed vegetables to the nearby mill workers. In those days, there wasn’t too much street food in Mumbai and also very limited options for affordable meals. So Sardar Pav Bhaji provided the much needed ammunition in terms of a filling meal to all the workers who would toil for hours in the sun. The sheer tenure of its operation has made Sardar Pav Bhaji a must visit name in Mumbai.

Another peculiar quality of Sardar Pav Bhaji is the sheer amount of butter they add in the bhaji. A whole chunk of Amul butter in a bhaji can sometimes feel a bit much, but that’s what makes Sardar Pav Bhaji so famous.

Since this place is always crowded, you will have to wait up in queue to get a seat. So in the meantime I recommend watching how this bhaji is made. Lots of vegetables, tasty spices and butter. They don’t add any color or tomato puree. So this bhaji doesn’t look too red but in fact as a more of a brownish color.

One plate of this pav bhaji cost approximately Rs.145 and you get a good portion of bhaji along with big buttered toasted pavs.

Sardar Pav Bhaji definitely needs to be in your list for famous Mumbai street food places. If you have not tried it out then do so. I personally do like their bhaji.

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