Quick Rajma Recipe

quick rajma recipe
This really quick Rajma recipe is perfect for busy weekdays.

If you love good home cooked food and even more when all it takes is just one pot, then this quick Rajma recipe is for you.

Watch the video for a really delicious yet quick Rajma recipe.

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Rajma Chawal is one of the most comforting you can have. There’s something about eating Rajma thats freshly done ‘right-off-the-stove’; it’s purely soul satisfying. And I’m not exaggerating when I say that good Rajma can really uplift my mood. But its true that good Rajma takes time to cook. It tastes best when ingredients are allowed their individual cooking time. At least that’s how my Punjabi best friend taught me to make the real Punjabi style Rajma!

However, the slow cooking method can definitely take a lot of time. And for working days, while you may crave Rajma, it’s not always possible to spend that kind of time in the kitchen. So this recipe is for those kind of days when you need some comfort food with minimal time involved. Also, it used just 1 pressure cooker so there isn’t much to clean too!

The only effort in this recipe is chopping. Everything else just falls in place. And this Rajma has that nice homestyle, slightly tangy feel and it also doesn’t leave you feeling heavy and sleepy. So personally, this recipe really works!

Do try out this quick Rajma recipe and let me know how it works for you. I’d love to know if you have any quick cooking hacks. So definitely leave them in the comments below.

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