Little Chefs at Godrej Nature’s Basket

Natures Basket Little Chefs
Godrej Nature’s Basket recently had a fun event where kids got to learn some really interesting recipes.

Amrita Kaur, who is known for her interesting healthy recipes was conducting this workshop at Godrej Nature’s Basket at Hill Road, Bandra – Mumbai.

Natures Basket Little Chefs

Godrej Nature’s Basket in Bandra has a nice spacious basement, which was turned into a workshop area. Kids were assigned their work stations and were taught some really interesting recipes. These included the Rainbow Nice Cream, a no-bake Mango Cheesecake Tart and a Rainbow Noodles Salad.

Natures Basket Little Chefs

All the kids were really excited and enthusiastic, and it was amazing to see that they wanted to learn all of this at such a young age. And Amrita Kaur was being her charming self and she totally got all of them involved and interested in learning these recipes.

Natures Basket Little Chefs

The workshop lasted about 2 hours and each child got to take home their creation. And the happiness on their faces to see the end result of something they created, was so apparent.

Natures Basket Little Chefs

Definitely keep your eye out for these kind of workshops held by Godrej Nature’s Basket.

And also check out more of Amrita Kaur on her blog.

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