Mumbai Style Bhel Puri Recipe

Bhel puri
Bhel Puri is a dish loved by people across ages. It’s probable something that I tried at a very young age and haven’t been able to stop loving ever since.

Almost every Indian city has their own version of Bhel Puri and so does Mumbai. Mumbai style Bhel is filled with the most yummiest chutneys, raw mango or kairi and some peanuts and spicy chana dal.

Watch the full recipe of this delicious street style dish below and try it at home.

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For me Bhel Puri works as a snack and as a meal. It’s one of those dishes that is so versatile that it can literally be enjoyed any time of the day and also across seasons. A lot of people also like to eat a healthier version of this Bhel – one with pomegranate seeds, sprouts, cucumbers etc. But for me Bhel is something best enjoyed with all the sev and chutneys.

All of us have that one Bhel wala uncle near our house/work/college that satiates our cravings like no other. I remember having Pande ki Bhel, a vendor close to where I stayed in Mumbai. He would come every evening and I fondly remember enjoying this Bhel puri quite often.

In Mumbai, Chowpatty is known to have some good street food options, including Bhel. Watch this video from my evening at Chowpatty to know the best stalls for chaat, pav bhaji and more.

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