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Madras Diaries
Madras Diaries recently opened in Bandra and offers some traditional South Indian delicacies and also some interesting specials.

Chilled out vibe and good food is how I describe my experience at Madras Diaries. Check out this video from my visit there.

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Here’s what I ate at Madras Diaries

Jalapeno Cheese Idlis

Madras Diaries

Fried mini idlis with bits of jalapeno. These were served with a cheesy dip. The idlis were fried to perfection – perfectly crunchy and the jalapeno bits did add a little edgy flavor.

Kara Paniyaram

Madras Diaries

Paniyarams tossed with onion, chillies and molga podi. So this was extremely spicy because there was tonnes of molga podi. But it was quite delicious.

Navadhanya Idli

Madras Diaries

Made with 9 different grains, these idlis honestly felt almost as soft as regular idlis. And they had a little tadka in the centre – curry leaves, mustard seeds, cumin seeds. This tasted quite amazing with the sambhar.


Madras Diaries

Served with pickle and rice papad, this is one of the tastiest Puliyogare I’ve tried. Such a pronounced tamarind flavor. Absolutely must order this.

Mysore Masala Dosa

Madras Diaries

A huge, crispy dosa stuffed with potato and a spicy garlic chutney.

Masala Buttermilk

Madras Diaries

A spiced chaas – has a nice flavor from the mint and pepper in it.

Spiced Lemon with Basil Seed

Madras Diaries

A lemonade spiced with chillies – literally! This one is way too spicy.

Filter Coffee

Madras Diaries

This one didn’t really please me.

Madras Diaries

I quite enjoyed my visit to Madras Diaries. You can definitely visit for a non-udipi South Indian experience. Their food is pretty good. There were somethings which were a tad bit spicy for me, but overall I was quite happy with what I ate. One of the other things that looked interesting on their menu was the thali. I’ll definitely be trying that next time.

Madras Diaries

I hope this review was helpful. Stay tuned for more.

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