Indi Kitchen, Lower Parel

Indi Kitchen

Review – Indi Kitchen!

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Indi kitchen delivers Indian food to your doorstep. What’s good is that you can customize your meal as per whatever you feel like having – like you can choose between rice / rotis and the veggies you want and also the gravy that you would like. In that sense I think this is one of the first few doing it for Indian food..which is good. 
Paneer lasooni appetizer 
This is perfection – soft paneer chunks with onion and capsicum, marinated in a very tasty green coating.
Indi Kitchen
Paneer Lasooni
Aloo kulcha
Excellent aloo filling – right amount of spices. I ate it slightly cold but couldn’t stop myself from hogging on this!
Indi Kitchen
Aloo Kulcha
Chocolate samosa
Mini samosas with a supremely generous amount of chocolate in between. Eat these super hot.
Indi Kitchen
Chocolate Samosa
Triple teekha gravy and paneer 
This one is actually quite tasty – you can just dip some naan in as a sauce / chutney and have it. But only those who love spicy food can handle this.
Indi Kitchen
Triple Teekha Gravy
Jeera rice
Not just jeera, but flavored with a whole lot of other spices. Quite nice
Indi Kitchen
Jeera Rice
They also send a lovely Indian style salad – onion, carrot etc with lime and some spices.
Indi Kitchen
Indian Style Salad
I also tried their methi mutter malai – it was alright..not overly sweet like a lot of other places.
Indi Kitchen
Methi Mutter Malai
Then I tried their dal tadka as well and this one I didn’t particularly like.
Indi Kitchen
Dal Tadka
Try this out to your customized needs. You may like it.
Indi Kitchen

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