Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah and more

Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina is absolutely gorgeous!

I spent a beautiful day at the Dubai Marina and also visited the Palm Jumeirah. Watch my video of this entire experience here.

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If you are heading to Dubai and want to go and spend some time at the Palm Jumeirah or the Dubai Marina then make sure you watch the video linked above as I am guiding you to the exact route I used and also the public transport details of my trip.

The famous marina district of Dubai has a lot to offer in terms of things to do. You can take a speed boat ride or a luxury dinner cruise, chill at the promenade and indulge in good food or just soak in the view. It’s quite a lively area and shouldn’t be missed.

The Palm Jumeira is a man-made island that resembles the shape of a palm tree. It’s one of a kind and true to Dubai luxury, is definitely an experience. You can visit the Atlantis here, which is a renowned hotel. And you can head to the palm by using the special monorail. All details in the video above.

Dubai Marina beach, a gorgeous open beach to view the sunset. This place has a soothing vibe. Also don’t miss the massive food plaza here.

The Dubai Marina mall is also beautifully lit! It’s a smaller mall compared to the other massive malls here but definitely don’t miss all the lights – it’s a sheer sight!

More things to do in Dubai here.

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