All new Desi Deli Oshiwara

Desi Deli Oshiwara
The Desi Deli Oshiwara is all vibrant and buzzing – of course their signature burgs and desi dogs still exist. But now they also do some good wine, beer and an amazing array of food pairings to go with these.

Here’s a little preview of what you can expect at Desi Deli Oshiwara. Check out this video!

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That was the all new Desi Deli Oshiwara for you. I tried a whole lot from their new menu along with some good wine and quite liked a lot of stuff. Take a look!


Desi Deli Oshiwara

There is no going wrong with this amazing red wine Sangria. Done really well.

Bread with some Rosemary & Walnut Pesto

Desi Deli Oshiwara

Crunchy bread pieces with a really delicious pesto layered atop. It had a hint of rosemary and tasted delicious. This paired with the red wine Sangria is something you can spend an entire evening with!

Vegetarian Desi Dogs

Desi Deli Oshiwara

New addition to their super famous desi hot dogs. They had 3 options – a tangy, a spicy and a sweet.

The Tangy Dog had a nice pickle kinda after taste.

The Spicy one was actually the most delicious but careful – it does get really spicy!

The Sweet Dog has a really nice flavor from caramelized onions and a sweet sauce.

Sparkling wine

Desi Deli Oshiwara

Pair the desi dogs with some sparkling wine and you’ve got yourself a damn good combo.

Desi Deli Oshiwara

They have so many more such options – good food paired with the right liquor. Definitely recommend visiting them and enjoying a really good meal. And if you are looking for options on what you should eat there, apart from these then do check out my review here.

Desi Deli Oshiwara

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