90s Indian Kid – Childhood Memories

90s Indian Kid
Every 90s Indian Kids will relate to this video.

Bourbon, Hajmola, ParleG, Gola and lots more. Watch this video and relive all these memories that are synonymous for any 90s Indian Kid!

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Whether its digging into a packet of colorful saunf or enjoying a Gola at Chowpatty, I definitely get the feels whenever I think about these things from my childhood.

Growing up in India in the 90s was so much fun. As a 90s Indian kid, you would have a lot of local brands and the western influence and consumerism was still very nascent. As such chocolates, drinks and activities were very local or ‘desi’ in nature. And that only turned out to be a good thing as its something that is not only a part of our childhood, but also makes it unique by adding that Indian element.

Some of my favorite things growing up were very local and also very inexpensive. Things like Fatafat, Hajmola, Saunf – barley cost a rupee or lesser then but we still reminisce about them!

It was also easier when all brands were not selling everything – like Britannia Bourbon was the original and there was just one best glucose biscuit – ParleG.

I also enjoyed a lot of candy while I was growing up and Pan Pasand will hold a special place in my heart. It is the best pan flavored candy yet!

An evening out too just felt so simple back then. Playing by the sea, building sand castles and ending that evening with some Kalakhatta gola meant the ideal Sunday. Even now when I am at Chowpatty and eating that gola, I feel the same sense of satisfaction.

As they say, live in the moment but cherish the memories. That’s kind of how I felt while filming this video. I hope you enjoyed this and relived a bit of your childhood. Do share it with your friends and family.

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