3 Wise Monkeys – Small Talk with Chef Meghnesh

3 wise monkeys

So much fun catching up with Chef Meghnesh from 3 Wise Monkeys. He gives you enough reason to visit this place. Watch!

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And you can totally take my word and order yourself these items when you are here!

Fresh fruit cocktail jars
I haven’t seen these anywhere yet. But great concept. Fresh fruit and some alcohol together. The flavors are nice and refreshing and yet you don’t miss out on the kick! I tried the Cucumber + gin and the Melon + vodka. Melon and vodka was super duper tangy and fruity while Cucumber and gin was refreshing yet not overpowering. I loved both!

Blue frog
5 white spirits in one. This is one mean cocktail and can get you buzzing quite quick!

Curry Spiced Indian potatoes
Potato chunks deep fried, loads of masala and some curry leaves for tempering and flavor. Slightly spicy but oh so delicious! I couldn’t stop eating these.

Mexican nachos
I normally like to have nachos pretty plain – just cheese, salsa and chips. But for a change in quite liked the whole shabam going on with the Mexican nachos here. It had corn, tomatoes, capsicum, cheese and some mayo. Pretty tasty.

Pizza fries
French fries and pizza – stuff cannot get better than this! French fries that are flavored with some pizza sauce, olives and lots of cheese. Try these for sure.

Aloo dum biryani
Amazingly yummy..comes in a jar and the Raita is served very interestingly too. Extremely tasty. The masalas aren’t overpowering at all.

Kahlua, brownie and ice cream
This dessert was literally like the cherry on top of all the amazing food I ate. The combination speaks for itself. You have to try this.

Hope you enjoyed watching and reading. What is your favorite place for a chill evening? Let me know in the comments below!

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