Irani Cafes in Mumbai

Irani cafes
Parsi and Irani cafes are a great way to get a feel of old Mumbai.

While Mumbai has a lot of these places, I decided to pick out some of my favorite Irani cafes in Mumbai. You can watch all of them in the video below.

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Irani cafes

Britannia & Co.

Britannia & Co. has such a massive following in Mumbai. Their quintessential dish – Berry Pulao is something that meat lovers and even vegetarians like myself swear by. They definitely have their own magical recipe which has been carried down through generations. Also, their caramel custard is the best I have ever eaten.

Yazdani Bakery

Another old Irani bakery, Yazdani is a must visit for biscuits, bun maska and Irani chai lovers. If you are lucky then you can get some piping hot pav with butter. Else definitely enjoy their range of biscuits – Ginger biscuits being the most unique ones that you can try.

Kyani & Co.

This is probably one of the oldest Irani cafe in Mumbai and runs super busy till date. You can enjoy their omlette, baked beans and toast and a whole lot more while you are here. While you are here definitely enjoy their mawa cake.

Sassanian Bakery

Another great place is Sassanian. They have a restaurant and also a bakery section and you have to try their Bread Pudding. It is one of the best ones you can find in Mumbai.


This is a heaven for anyone who loves Mawa Cake. But to get that cake you need to reach the bakery really early in the morning as it is usually sold out by early noon. Apart from that, you can enjoy biscuits, mawa bun and a whole lot more bakery items.

There are many more Irani cafes and Parsi restaurants in Mumbai but these are some of my favorite ones. I’d love to know your favorite restaurant in Mumbai, so do leave that in the comments below.

Irani cafes

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