Vegetarian Food at Broaster Chicken Bandra

Broaster Chicken Bandra Vegetarian
If you’re a vegetarian and heading to Broaster Chicken Bandra, then let me guide you on a few things that you can order 🙂

Top Vegetarian Recommendations at Broaster Chicken Bandra

Butter Garlic Potatoes

Broaster Chicken Bandra Butter Garlic Fries

Fries tossed with a generous amount of butter and garlic. Butter and garlic together is an enticing combination for me. I also love fries so together this tastes really good.

Tex Mex

Broaster Chicken Bandra Tex Mex

Full on nachos kind of flavor – jalapeno, olives, tomatoes, onions, salsa. Toss some fries in this, and that probably explains this dish! Eat these really quick as the fries become a little bit soggy because of all the veggies. But overall, really flavorful.

Pink Sauce Pasta

Broaster Chicken Bandra Pink Sauce Pasta

Just Pasta and Sauce – no veggies in this one. The sauce is neither too creamy nor to tangy. Pretty good flavor. It’s served with 2 pieced of garlic bread which was nice and crisp.

The Brick Shake

Broaster Chicken Bandra Dessert

A cup made out of chocolate filled with chocolate bricks! And if that wasn’t enough already, you will also find some more mousse kind of chocolate inside. Very indulgent!

Raspberry Shake

Broaster Chicken Bandra Raspberry Shake

A very no nonsense kinda shake. Comes in a beer bottle though!

Chulbul Soda

Broaster Chicken Bandra Chulbul Soda

Perfect for a hot summer afternoon. It’s their version of Masala Thumbs Up.

Broaster Chicken Bandra Reclamation

As a vegetarian, you shouldn’t worry about coming to this place. Yes the name and a whole lot of the menu spells CHICKEN but there is enough and more good vegetarian food that you can have here. The ambience is quite rustic – high chairs and wooden tables. They have a decent selection of music too. All in all, quite a good hangout. And even the food is pretty good.

Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for my next post. XOXO!

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