Best Idlis in Mumbai

Best Idlis in Mumbai Arya Bhavan
Being an idli fanatic, I’m always on the look out for restaurants serving the best idlis in Mumbai.

And Arya Bhavan pretty much tops my list. Watch this video and you’ll know why I feel that they serve the best idlis in Mumbai!

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Arya Bhavan is located in the Matunga East area, which houses the most amount of authentic South Indian restaurants in Mumbai. Right opposite the railway station, this place isn’t hard to miss.

Most South Indian restaurants in this area are pretty humble in terms of interiors. However, this restaurant goes a notch ahead and provides an a.c seating section.

I personally recommend trying out all of these different types of idlis and paniyaram when visiting Arya Bhavan. I feel they are exceptional. Served fresh and piping hot, these meals can indeed be very very comforting. I also recommend trying out their masala chhass and sugarcane juice – both are very refreshing on a hot day.

Best Idlis in Mumbai Arya Bhavan
Brahmin Idlis
Best Idlis in Mumbai Arya Bhavan
Thaat Idli
Best Idlis in Mumbai Arya Bhavan
Coin Idlis
Best Idlis in Mumbai Arya Bhavan

And any meal in a South Indian restaurant is incomplete without a good filter coffee. I definitely recommend ending your meal with one here too.

I absolutely recommend Arya Bhavan. Go and indulge in delicious food and you won’t regret it at all 😉

Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for my next post.

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  1. Hi,

    I am from matunga and I have watched your video of Best Idlis in Mumbai. I happened to see that you have not mentioned about 3-4 major Idli hotspots and I am assuming you are now an influencer/blogger for food which means there are lot of people who would see this video and would loose out on few of the best places that you have missed out.

    You missed out Amba bhavan, Anand Bhavan and manis (known in entire Mumbai for their authenticity) and Udipi (known for their Idli Sandwich which is super yum).

    I come from a digital marketing background, so I am assuming that you might not have got permissions from these 4 places but not even mentioning them is depriving people from the best of Idlis in matunga.

    Anyway, is there any way that you can mention those and add to the video.

    1. thanks for the response Mansi..I picked out ones that I was able to showcase in the video. of course there will be many more and there will also be favorites which are subjective.

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