The Amazing Escape – a new way to hangout!

The Amazing Escape
The Amazing Escape has very recently come to Mumbai, after  it’s super debut in Bengaluru. It’s literally an amazing escape, from everything including your cell phone even, for about 60 minutes to rack your brains and solve mysteries.

I recently checked out The Amazing Escape and had a really good time. Want to know more about my experience? Keep reading!


The Amazing Escape

The Amazing Escape


The Amazing Escape

Kamala Mills, Mumbai

What to expect?

The Amazing Escape

Almost 60 minutes of solving a mystery. You could be locked up somewhere or stuck in something and you need to find a way to get out if that situation.


Nothing is allowed inside. It’s only your buddies and you. So no cell phones even!

What are the mysteries like?

There could be anything – right from breaking out of prison or finding your way from the lost world. Or even breaking the jinx of mysterious creatures.

How do you solve these mysteries?

The Amazing Escape

You work with your buddies as a team. Aid each other with clues and help get one another out of the situation. That is The Amazing Escape!


The Amazing Escape

Here you go.

Do I need to book in advance?


Minimum number of friends I need for this?

2 – bare minimum. You could even go in a huge group.

Age limit

NONE! You just need to enjoy being locked up with your friends.

What if I can’t solve a mystery?

The Amazing Escape

You will receive clues. Either from your friends or the staff. But these clues mean penalty.

How do I book?

The Amazing Escape

Check out their website!

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