Bosch Convection Microwave Oven – Review

I recently got my hands on the new Bosch convection microwave oven and I have to admit, it simplifies microwave cooking to a whole new level.

The new Bosch convection microwave oven comes in 2 size capacities – 32l and 23l. The one with the 32l capacity comes with a free Borosil starter kit. You can check it out here.


The Bosch convection microwave oven is steel gray in color, has a protective glass covered door and also comes with a baking tray. Among other attachments, it includes wire racks and even a rotisserie skewer kit. In terms of functions this is a full fledged microwave oven with convection; which means that it provides the best possible cooking for different kinds of food items. It also boasts of a fry lite function which uses minimal oil while making fries, wedges and the like. You can even enjoy your favorite kebabs and Tandoori items using the tandoor function.

One thing that stood out for me while using this microwave was the ease of operation. It has multiple pre programmed settings for different food items so you can just select the dish you want to make and let it microwave as per the mentioned function. You can find all of these combinations in their instruction manual and they are specific to Indian food too. You can check out this video where I’m using the new Bosch convection microwave oven to cook 5 different types of dishes. Click here.

Why Microwave cooking works for me

For someone who is constantly on the go, microwave cooking is a good option. There are many days when I find myself pressed for time and unable to cook a meal. So putting something together in a single bowl and cooking it in the microwave at least ensures that I’m eating good home cooked food. As such, this microwave really simplifies that process with its easy recipe manual. However, even for eating something like grilled paneer or grilled vegetables, I have started relying on a microwave. Also it becomes simpler if you have just 1 device as compared to a different oven and griller.

Do I recommend it?

Yes. If you are looking to invest in a full on convection microwave oven with a whole bunch of features then definitely consider the Bosch convection microwave oven. Firstly the brand itself – Bosch is a name to reckon with in the electronics space. Secondly the features you get – you can literally go for days without having to cook gravies, rice, fries and so much more! You can choose from different auto-programmed dishes or even different power settings as per your convenience. I also love the steel gray color – it is something that can look good with most kitchen interiors. There’s no real installation – you plug and go! So it definitely makes life easier and would be a good choice while investing in a microwave.

If you are keen on checking out this microwave for your home then click here.

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VINOD Intelligent Cookware with FBAI

Recently the FBAI & VINOD Intelligent Cookware got a few bloggers together over a fun Sunday Brunch at Veranda, Bandra.

VINOD Intelligent Cookware has a new range and it aims to preserve the nutrition of any food item. So all the fitness and health enthusiasts, this ones for us!

Right from bottles and sippers to literally in intuitive toaster, the new range by VINOD Intelligent Cookware has everything.


  • I got my hands on the Zest Induct Cookware by them and it’s brilliant!
  • A 3 Layer non-stick coating. So no more worrying of the coating wearing off in no time! And this also means that you can use even lesser oil while cooking.
  • Extra aluminium to hold the ceramic coating and this also ensures that it uses less gas while cooking.
  • It’s metal spoon friendly – so no more separate spatula needed.
  • PFOA Free so no toxic fumes while you keep it on high flame.
  • You can even use it on an induction stove.
  • And a 12 month guarantee!


You can check out their range here

Since this was an FBAI event, there had to be a fun element to it – so we had a hoola-hoop session, a ‘who can do the most push-ups’ competition and we also carved out some fitness goals. All this with the delicious food at Veranda Bandra 🙂


That was all from me in this post. I hope it was helpful. Stay tuned for my next one.

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