7 Things You Need To Try At Dillie Heart

Dillie heart
Dillie Heart brings Delhi-style chaat to Mumbai. Gol Gappe, Palak Patta Chaat, Chhole Bhature, Parathas, Chowmein and so much more is part of their new menu.

Dillie heart

I visited the Dillie Heart outlet in Malad, and tried out a whole lot from their menu. These are the TOP 7 things that you absolutely must try from them. 

Khan Market Ki Karaari Aloo Tikki

Dillie heart Khan Market Ki Karaari Aloo Tikki

A crispy aloo tikki, served with coriander and sonth chutney.

Dillie heart malad

Price – Rs.79

Dilliwali Desi Chowmein

Dillie heart

This desi version of noodles with an Indian tadka and vegetables like capsicum, onion, carrot, beetroot is so delicious.

Dillie heart Dilliwali Desi Chowmein

Price – Rs.149

GK Market Ki Posh Palak Patta Chaat

Dillie heart GK Market Ki Posh Palak Patta Chaat

Crunchy Palak pakoda topped with chutneys, dahi, aloo, chana and sev. Flavors on point!

Price – Rs.79

Daryaganj Special Patilewale Matar Kulche

Dillie heart Daryaganj Special Patilewale Matar Kulche

This kulcha is so soft and fluffy. And tastes amazing with the matar and mirchi pickle. This is perfect for anyone looking for something non oily/greasy yet tasty and light.

Price – Rs.149

Pachranga Gol Gappa Shots

Dillie heart Pachranga Gol Gappa Shots

Pani puri, with pure sooji pooris and 5 different types of paani – pudina, sonth, imli, hing and jaljeera.

Dillie heart Pachranga Gol Gappa Shots

Price – Rs.59

Karol Bagh Ke Mashoor Chhole Bhature

Dillie heart chhole bhature

Slightly thick, yet so soft – this Bhatura and chhole are extremely flavorful.

Price – Rs.149

Mini Jalebi

Dillie heart jalebi

End your meal with these tiny jalebis that are served piping hot.

Price – Rs.99

And also enjoy this Fizzy Masala Banta Lemonade along with your meal. It’s a full masaaledaar nimbu soda, with lots of jeera.

Dillie heart banta lemonade

Price – Rs.69

Dillie Heart is a must visit for anyone who loves chaat. Head to their Malad outlet to sit down and enjoy some delicious street food. Their stuff is fresh and hygienic. Highly recommend this place 🙂



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Gupta Chaat Centre, Matunga (E)

Gupta Chaat Centre –  Review

Gupta Chaat
Gupta Chaat
Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

It was one of those off days when I didn’t feel like eating idli and dosa – yes, sometimes that happens to me! So I ate some nom nom from this place. Keep reading to know how it was!

Gupta Chaat
Instead of the regular south Indian available so widely in this area, I felt like trying some chaat and sandwich. So I found this place via Zomato and decided to give it a go.
Gupta Chaat
Sandwich coming up!
I have tried the veg toast sandwich here – like the typical mumbaiya sandwich – loads of butter, awesome chutney and piping hot.
Gupta Chaat
Yummy toast!
I have also tried their chaat – pani puri, sev puri and dahi batata puri. All were really good.
Gupta Chaat
Gupta Chaat
The place is clean, hygienic and has so much variety – right from pizza to gola..from chaat to sandwich..Try this out if you’re in the area.
Gupta Chaat
Gupta Chaat
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